Margit & THomas

Ottakring 1969 Eissalon 1978 Eissalon 1994


Leopold & Erika Simmering 1963 Ottakring 1969 Ice Cream Palor 1978 Ice Cream Palor 1994 Ice Cream Palor 2012
In 1963 master baker and confectioner Leopold Mauß founded today's successful family business in Vienna. He opened the first ice cream parlor in a small charming cellar space in Vienna's 11th district before he moved to the well-known location in Ottakring in 1969.

Leopold and his wife Erika established the "Mauss Ice Cream Parlor", which has been enjoying an excellent reputation with its customers and peers alike for several decades.

Since the very beginning emphasis was put not only on improving all our products but also in the expansion and modernization of our facilities. The opening of the garden area in 2001 as well as the extension of the parlor and the production facility in 2006 were seen as the highlights of these efforts.

Margit Mauß took over the family business in 2005. Together with Thomas Longin she is responsible for the production, creation and all future developments.

The company employs several reliable and responsible individuals, however, we ensure that at least one member of the Mauß family is always available for the well being of our customers. Contact with our customers will always remain our priority.

Historical photos from parlor

Photos from Leo, Erika, Margit, Thomas

Eissalon Mauß, Thaliastraße 155, 1160 Wien