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Santa Fe Vanilla and foicco ice cream with caramel sauce, whipped cream and almond slivers
Honey Moon Yogurt with honey, hazelnut ice cream, caramel sauce and almond slivers
Banana de Chocolate Chocolate and banana ice cream with chocolate sauce, banana slices, “Schokobananas” and whipped cream
Baileys Stracciatella, pistachio and chocolate ice cream with banana slices, Baileys, chocolate cream sauce and whipped cream
Zigarello Chocolate roll filled with mascarpone cream, vanilla pudding, stracciatella and chocolate ice cream, raspberry sauce, fresh fruits and whipped cream
Atlantis Raspberry cream sauce with banana and strawberry ice cream, fresh fruits and blueberry sauce
Karibika Mango yogurt with lemon, mango and banana ice cream, sour cherry sauce and whipped cream
Paradieso Strawberry, vanilla and banana ice cream, hot strawberries, vanilla pudding, whipped cream and hot raspberry sauce
Maronessa Stracciatella, chocolate and coconut ice cream with chestnut puree, banana slices, vanilla pudding, chocolate sauce, Batida de Coco and whipped cream 
Belvedere Pistachio, vanilla, fiocco and stracciatella ice cream with fresh fruits, egg liqueur, almond liqueur and whipped cream


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