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The daily production of homemade ice cream has been a tradition at Mauß from day one. Like our founder Leopold, we put a high emphasis on quality, freshness and authenticity. We consider customers with food sensitivities. We offer innovative products like soy, lactose and gluten-free ice cream.

To ensure the highest standards and to continue improving them, we participate in trade shows, national and international seminars every year.

We hold the HACCP-Certificate. The production as well as the entire company are run in strict accordance with the guidelines of this certificate.

Our products are characterized by:

-    Fresh milk daily

-    Fresh fruits, alternatively 100% fruit pulp

-    Low sugar content (calorie-reduced)

-    No artificial additives

-    In our ice cream we use vegan ingredients instead of eggs for binding

-    Gluten free with a few exceptions; please ask the staff, we will gladly inform you

-    No preservatives

-    Parfaits (semi-frozen) are made exclusively with pasteurized free-range organic


Ice Cream Parlor  Mauß, Thaliastraße 155, 1160 Wien