Mocca Klein WARM DRINKS Kafeebohnen

For the litlle Ones

Ice Cream Crepes

Ice Cocktails


Ice Cream Portions

For Allergic Persons

Mixed Ice Drinks

Refreshing Drinks

Warm Drinks

(also free coffein)
Small Mocca
Large Mocca
Kleiner Brauner
Großer Brauner
Macchiato  Small Mocca with frothed milk
Verlängerter With whipped cream
Melange With hot milk and frothed milk
Affogato al Caffe
A ball of vanilla ice cream is placed in a small cup or small glass and poured over with hot espresso. The ice ball drowns (Italian affogare) in the espresso.
Cappuccino With whipped cream
Einspänner  Small Mocca with a lot of whipped cream
Cafe Latte Small Mocca with milk and frothed milk
Mexicano Large hot Mocca with Jamaica-Rum, cinnamon, chocolate cream sauce,
whipped cream and chocolate ice cream
Heisse Schokolade With whipped cream
Tee Earl Grey, Fruit or Peppermint tea
Tee With lemon or milk


Ice Cream Parlor Mauß, Thaliastraße 155, 1160 Wien